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Multiprovider and -account Terraforming

11 May 2016

On its website Terraform is defined as : Terraform provides a common configuration to launch infrastructure — from physical and virtual servers to email and DNS providers. Once launched, Terraform safely and efficiently changes infrastructure as the configuration is evolved. Simple file based configuration gives you a single view of your entire infrastructure. This makes Terraform very appealing for us as it allows us to work with multiple cloud providers whilst maintaining a single code base. For us at Gluo this makes Terraform very appealing as it would allow us to work…

A fresh take on Vagrantfiles

04 May 2016

Application development problems often boil down to platform configuration issues. When you’re working in teams, this is even more the case. Differences in software versions and configuration between team members, and development environments (dev/uat/production) are often hard-to-tackle issues. Automated virtualization tools like Vagrant are (a part of) the solution for a lot of teams, especially when coupled with an automated provisioning tool like Puppet or Ansible. However, when you have lots of teams working on lots of different projects, requiring many different configurations, managing Vagrantfiles becomes the new hurdle. This often results in the one-Vagrantfile-per-project strategy,…

Jenkins build pipelines

27 Apr 2016

Plugins: Jenkins was designed to use continuous integration, this is a built-in feature of the jenkins tool. Even though CI is built-in there are a number of extensions for Jenkins that should be considered using because they are more powerful than the built-in tools. The plugins I would recommend using for pipelines are the Conditional BuildStep Plugin, Parameterized Trigger Plugin, Delivery Pipeline Plugin and Build Pipeline Plugin. The conditional buildstep and parameterized trigger plugin add extra depth and options…

Jekyll, a simple static website

22 Apr 2016

What is Jekyll? You want to generate a very simple static website? Jekyll is the right tool for it. It takes a template directory containing raw text files in various formats, runs it through a converter (like Markdown) and the Liquid renderer, and spits out a complete, ready-to-publish static website suitable for serving with your favorite web server. There are a lot of free themes to find on the internet. When you use a pre-made theme the you only need to the learn the YAML/Markdown syntax. It is not necessary to have knowledge about HTML/CSS…

Website live!

21 Apr 2016

What is Gluo?

Gluo is your one-stop DevOps shop. Whether you are looking for automation, configuration management, Linux expertise, migration to the cloud, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment,… we have got you covered!

Using a wide range of opensource tools and technologies we help your development teams focus on what they know best (develop!) and assist your operations teams to keep up with the ever increasing demand for new platforms and services by your development teams.